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Let us bring you to success

We believe that you have what it takes. We will show how to bring your potential forward, avoid common errors, so you can shine on any selection day. We teach pilots of all experience levels, independently and with select ATOs.

  • Low hours
  • Civilian
  • Experienced
  • Military

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ASP for ATOs

You have an assessment with Wizzair, Ryanair, Air France, or any other airline ? 

This is our flagship course

During our 2 day Flagship in-person training, discover the theory behind airline assessments. Get a professional personality profile completed and practice group interviews. 
Add a personal interview and in depth debrief with ASP+

ASP e-Learning

Can’t make it to ASP for ATOs ?
Last minute selection ?

ASP e-Learning is the solution 
The e-Learning version of our flagship course will allow you to prepare yourself with our 8 modules at your own pace and without time constraints. Get a real personality profile completed
Add a personal interview and in depth debrief with ASP+
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Airline Selection Programme



Discover the secrets you always wanted to know



Use our framework to prepare with confidence



We’ve been where you are



International Standards


Airline Selection Programme team offers a training course in preparation for airline job interviews which offers undeniable added value.

On a technical level, they describe the entire interview process and the fundamentals that guide the questions asked. By breaking down the mechanics of interviews, they help you understand how you are perceived and what the recruiter expects from you.

Thierry T.

Thierry T.

A big thank you to Airline Selection Program. 

I really appreciated the thoroughness and professionalism of the course.

The knowledge and experience of a real major airline recruiter was very important to me. 

This training is necessary from my point of view and meets the high standards of recruitment required in any company. I highly recommend it.

Rémi A.

Rémi A.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to give themselves a real chance to shine in the selection process should go to ASP! They helped me to better understand what recruiters are looking for and to avoid basic mistakes.

The programme was a plus for the individual interviews since I learned to better understand my personality and thus be able to make the most of my qualities.

François S.

François S.

I learned a lot from the instruction I received at Airline Selection Programme.  Having more than 10 years of experience as an airline pilot, I was looking for a change and felt I needed to learn what was going on behind the scenes. I learned a lot. This helped me prepare and I later succeeded with both the airlines I had targeted.

Florian F.

Florian F.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Airline Selection Programme. I was impressed with the approach and in-depth recruitment knowledge of the instructor, a former B777 recruitment Captain with a major airline. He is able to understand your needs and will give you the approach, the process to be efficient and productive in building your project.

Yoann C.

Yoann C.

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