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Strongly recommended for major airline selections.
Major airlines, like any large company, use profiling questionnaires to assess the suitability of a candidate to a specific job description.
Being able to go through the results of such a questionnaire ahead of a selection process can be very informative. Profiling questionnaires may include feedback with an HR specialist during the selection itself. In any case, they will be used as a baseline during final interviews.
There is nothing worse than a candidate that appears widely unaware of their personality. They become much more difficult to interview. Give yourself the best chance and come well aware of what the airline is likely to have seen in you even before you enter the interview room.
We do not teach any techniques helping you answer these tests better. We instead focus on building awareness of your own personality traits. This will greatly help give adequate context to your questionnaire responses during your final interview.
ASP is licensed with a major personality questionnaire provider. It is backed by 70 years of research and is used at many major airlines.
We recommend you take a personality questionnaire every 2 years as you are either looking for a job, or may face one during internal promotion, such as when becoming Captain, Instructor, or taking on significant ground duties, such as entering the management team.
We strongly advise against taking free online tests, they are often ill configured and without a debrief, could actually work against you.
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