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ASP was founded by a major airline pilot recruiter, totaling 11000 flying hours on A320 and B777. 

ASP is a powerful tool with a success rate exceeding 75% since early 2022 *

ASP works for any airline and will work throughout a pilot’s career without needing to attend again.

ASP includes an original 16PF questionnaire for every client a questionnaire we purchase and administer for you, so you get a real tool, not some pale copy.

ASP is a state of the art course, using, for training, the same tools as major airlines, uncovering them, thus producing very high results and offering the closest selection training to a real one you can ever get.

ASP includes an advanced CRM module containing decision models, workload management models and intervention models used by airlines which will allow a candidate to articulate their examples with structure and mastery. 

Those simple concepts are efficient and, if well used, will convince a recruiter that the candidate already knows everything they need to know from a CRM and HR perspective, dramatically increasing the chance of a straight hire.

ASP includes company research sheets, making your time to study a lot shorter

ASP includes a community so you can share your experience with others and get straight to the point with the latest developments.

ASP has an exclusive partnership with as well as with a large number of ATOs

ASP has created, together with, Pilot-360, a psychometric testing platform to be introduced at select ATOs.

ASP works with select sim partners both on the Airbus 320 and B737, so you get ahead of the exercise prior selection and refresh your skills if needed.

ASP developed a Technical Briefing delivered by Sim partners ahead of their sim sessions. This briefing recaps the key concepts and models  discussed during the ASP ATO or eLearning courses, so they can be applied in the sim. 

In short, ASP is unique. It is the solution you need to succeed


*The success rate is on those candidates who purchased a final interview practice and achieved a score of 4 or more.

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