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ASP developed a Technical Briefing delivered by Sim partners ahead of their sim sessions. This briefing recaps the key concepts and models  discussed during the ASP ATOs or eLearning courses, so they can be applied in the sim. 

We’re very proud of this briefing. It breaks from the Flight School competencies and links with what should have been learned during the MCC, adding a  pragmatic approach focused on the “big picture” required for a successful sim assessment. 

You will, for instance, learn about stabilization criteria, the safety window, what to do in specific failure cases, so you have preset models or “schemes” available to use on top of the generic models you should now be mastering as an ASP client.

The ASP Sim Briefing is only available to ASP ATO or eLearning course clients and is delivered directly with the sim partner, who will add content as required by the airline specific assessment.

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