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Brush up your english for your upcoming selection

These sessions are done on Zoom, 121, with an English teacher and aviation English expert.

The idea is to make sure that you have sufficient general English vocabulary to sustain the selection process without it being a barrier to your success.

As a reminder:

– Psychometrics are run in English at most airlines, and often include verbal reasoning tests.

– If the selection you attend has a group interview, you will have to work with other candidates who could speak fast and have disconcerting accents.

– Aviation english is essential to discuss your aviation events during your final interview.

Whilst many other candidates won’t come with great English skills at your selection, those who do will have a definite edge. They will appear more literate and polished, generally more in control. This is the result you want to aim for.

After an initial contact session, 5h blocks can be ordered. Sessions should ideally be spaced by 1 week each so that you have time to work between sessions and obtain the expected results.

If you have a level 4 at your FCL055, we strongly recommend you make sure your english level is sufficient with one of our specialists.

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