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Yes, the eLearning course is on lifetime access at the moment, for a limited time as we are in launch phase. You’ll get access over time to new resources linked to the course also.

What is the difference between the ATO Course and the eLearning Course ?

This is the question we get the most.

The short answer is that the content is essentially the same.

The ATO Course is delivered at ATOs, on site. It is, therefore, an in-person course, usually delivered over 2 days, with a maximum of 8 candidates.

The list of ATOs we deliver at can be found through our event page.

Some ATOs will accept external clients to come and join, space permitting, but it is rather rare as courses tend to be full.

The eLearning course is delivered online, from the comfort of your own home. It includes the same modules and a whole resource section. It compensates what is missing from the live interaction with the fact that it can be viewed over and over again, and that access is unlimited and for life.

The eLearning course includes a free 1 to 2h consultation with a recruitment expert, to make sure the contents have been well understood by the client and to debrief their personal 16PF

Both courses contain :

  • 8 modules 
  • A personal 16 PF personality questionnaire with personal debrief
  • Airline research sheets
  • Access to the community 
  • Access to the full ASP product suite
    • Personal interview practice
    • Cv and Cover letter
    • English tuition services
  • Priority access to our network of sim providers

Which one is best ?

Honestly both are very good.

If you can come to an ATO course, we recommend that. It’s always good to come in person.

But ASP e-Learning is an excellent product. Excellent and convenient, saving you lots of money in wasted time and unnecessary travel. What more, the product will evolve over time and your access will remain.

What is the 16PF ? 

The 16 PF or “16 personality factors” is a renowned personality questionnaire used by many major airlines and large organizations for the purpose of recruitment and internal mobility. 16 PF has been in place for 70 years and has been constantly modernized. It is simple to administer, yet very precise. We purchase the 16PF questionnaire for you as part of ASP. Yes, like everything good, it doesn’t come for free. We purchase it and assign you as a candidate. We then debrief the results with an open discussion aiming at getting precise indications of the questions most likely to be asked to the candidate during their final interview. Results are very impressive for a majority of candidates.

Knowledge of oneself is key to success and knowing what the report brings out from your answers is a real plus as you approach selections.

The 16 PF holds 160 behavioral questions, 15 reasoning questions and takes 40 minutes to complete.

What are the benefits of taking a Personal interview ?

Whilst the 16 PF is included for each ASP purchase, it is not the case with the Personal Interview. This is because you may not have a date yet and may want to delay your purchase.

A personal interview is a formal interview practice aimed at seeing if the examples you use and your overall performance are at the expected level for you to get hired.

It is common that even the best candidates with the most experience, select an inadequate example, or lower their guard towards the end of the interview, make too long of an introduction or make the recruitment exercise overly difficult for the recruiter. Whilst such a combination is rare after attending ASP, the personal interviews will give us the opportunity to find our and bring in adequate adjustments.

The personal interview is only available to existing ASP for ATOs or ASP eLearning course clients. 

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