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ASP in Dublin 7-8 October

ASP in Dublin is our flagship 2 day in-person course, delivered at Dublin, 3 days if purchased with a sim session

Program :

Day 1


– Key Competency Framework
– Candidate Profiling
– Recruitment Matrix
– Decision Panel
– Preparation and Mindset


– Psychometric tests Pointers
– Group Exercise Pointers
– Key Competency Final Interview Pointers

Day 2

– Group Interview Practice (2 scenarios)
– Classic Final Interview Pointers
– More advanced Classic Final Interview Pointers
– Great answers to tough interview questions
– Additional Tips / Tools / References


Prior to ASP in Dublin :

You will receive an invitation to complete a personality questionnaire, results will be communicated to you privately.

There is no right or wrong, and the use of these results will be explained during the course,

Optional :

121 Interview

The 121 Interview is an optional upgrade, at a reduced price when purchased with the ASP program

The 121 interview contains a detailed interview with a specialist, a more detailed debrief of your personality questionnaire, and final tips prior to your selection.

Sim Session

Sim session will be on site, the day after ASP

For planning reason, it is imperative that you let us know whether you wish to have an assessment sim or not.



Oct 07 - 08 2022


600,00 €


Airline Selection Programme Team


Airline Selection Programme Team
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