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I’m always surprised at how cadets open wide eyes when I mention they may have to take over controls from a mis-performing captain.

I turn the question around and ask them if they think they belong on the flight deck if they’re unable to resist someone who’s lost situational awareness, or is making a cascade of bad decisions that may affect safety ?

Do you think this never happens ?  Unfortunately, it does. Not very often, but it does. Does one often take over. Of course not. But one definitely has to be ready to.

I personally came very close once when a captain refused to follow a GPWS pull up command into Geneva, until he did. And once again when another Captain, eager to watch the Rugby match at the hotel, asked for a Visual approach by night in IMC, demanding to land on a different, crossed runway.

Yes, these things happen, people sometimes make decisions for reasons only known to them and you are the last line of defence.

For this to work, you have to have an “intervention model” in place and be taught how to use it.

It is no surprise that airlines will want to make sure that you do know where to draw the line into intervention and that your ability to lead is actually part of your teamwork.

Indeed, being in a team also means being a leader. 

Something you must get into your mind. When you do and are able to explain it in an articluate way, you will impress the recruiter. See you inside ASP where we teach you an intervention model that works beautifully, and show you exacly how to use it.

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